Quality Control

To ensure that every batch of charcoal meets our high standards, we subject each one to rigorous quality testing. We measure burn time, ash content, and other key factors.

Value to Buyers

Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop at production. We take every step to ensure that our shisha charcoal is stored and transported in optimal conditions.

High Standards

Our shisha charcoal is produced with the utmost attention to quality, ensuring that every piece meets the highest standards of excellence. We start by carefully selecting the best raw materials, using only high-quality coconut shells.

Product Description

Briquette Coconut Charcoal Dome Stick

Raw Material : 100% Coconut Shell Carcoal
Ash Content : 2% – 2.5% (Avarage)
Quality : Premium Quality
Odour : Free
Smoke : No Smoke
Spark : Free
Burning Time : 90 minute – 120 minute
High Caloric Value

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