shisha coconut charcoal

Selected Raw Material

High quality coconut shells ensure easy ignition, high and even heat and a longer burn time suitable for enjoyable outdoor gatherings with friends and family.

shisha coconut charcoal1

Eco Friendly

Made from coconut shell, Water and natural starch binder which we offer in varying shapes and sizes. this product is mainly used for Shisha/Hookah.

shisha coconut charcoal2


Long burning time, low ash, odourless and does not affect taste.

Product Description

Briquette Coconut Charcoal 

Raw Material : 100% Coconut Shell Carcoal
Ash Content : 2% – 2.5% (Avarage)
Quality : Premium Quality
Odour : Free
Smoke : No Smoke
Spark : Free
Burning Time : 90 minute – 120 minute
High Caloric Value
1 kg 72 Pieces

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