Premium Quality

Our shisha charcoal is designed to provide a long and consistent burn time, ensuring that your smoking session lasts as long as you want it to.

Low Ash

Our charcoal is also low-ash, ensuring that your hookah stays clean and your smoking experience is as enjoyable as possible.

Selected Raw Material

We source the best raw materials available, using coconut shells that has been rigorously tested for purity and consistency.

Product Description

Briquette Coconut Charcoal 

Raw Material : 100% Coconut Shell Carcoal
Ash Content : 2% – 2.5% (Avarage)
Quality : Premium Quality
Odour : Free
Smoke : No Smoke
Spark : Free
Burning Time : 90 minute – 120 minute
High Caloric Value
1 kg 72 Pieces

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